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What Other Conditions Did You Get After Getting Vitiligo?
A MyVitiligoTeam Member asked a question 💭

I’m wondering what other conditions people got after being diagnosed with vitiligo. Or before for that matter. I’ve seen some discussions of psoriasis. What other conditions did you get? Did they come before or after the vitiligo?

posted January 30, 2020
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A MyVitiligoTeam Member

Psoriasis at 12, Psoriatic Arthritis at 18 and Vitaligo at 60

posted May 4
A MyVitiligoTeam Member

It’s been been said that 30% people with vitiligo have another auto Immune disease. Of that 30%, 20% is thyroid related.

posted February 3, 2020
A MyVitiligoTeam Member

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I understand how you feel on some aspects. Take care and god bless.

posted July 6
A MyVitiligoTeam Member

Diabetes and Essential Thromboliciema

posted February 23, 2021
A MyVitiligoTeam Member

I have diffuse alopecia areata :( had no idea it was related until I finally saw a dermatologist. It came after vitiligo after a pretty stressful period. My vitiligo started spreading (after being stable for 10 years) alongside the alopecia.

posted June 27, 2020 (edited)

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