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Does Anyone Have Recommendations For Sun Screen?

Does Anyone Have Recommendations For Sun Screen?

I have had vitiligo since 2010 in a 34 yr old male. It affects different parts of my body and I am not concerned with treatment. I am concerned with protection from the sun. I have noticed this year my hands are basically completely white. I usually tan very easily in the summer. My face is affected as well and it has spread to more of my face. I am curious as to what the best options out there are for sun screen? Thanks in advance.

A MyVitiligoTeam Member said:

I use the Neutrogena products. Ultra Sheer body mist with spf 70. Also Neutrogena makes one specifically for the face which is also spf 70.
Of course if you swim they must be reapplied. However, both say reapply after 80 minutes. I definitely try not to stay out in the sun that long and i do wear a hat, and protective clothing as well. I wasvbadly sunburned on the back of my neck, which was very painful without pigment. I learned my lesson!

posted 13 days ago
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