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Has Anyone After COVID-19 Vaccination Noticed Increase Or Flare Up In Their White Spots?
A MyVitiligoTeam Member asked a question 💭

I got vaccinated in May 2021 with my first dose and by the end of July 2021, I noticed a sudden flare up and rapid progression.
I don't know if it is because of the vaccine because I was on antibiotics for a month in June.
This also raises another question, has anyone noticed increase in their vitiligo post/during the use of antibiotics?

Thank you all in advance.

posted September 15, 2021
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A MyVitiligoTeam Member

My vitiligo started when I got my booster of moderna. I wish I never took any of those shots. So I know for a fact that those shots mess with our melanin. One day everybody will know why all of a sudden you keep saying all these people on TV with the Lago. And why they came up with a cream so they can make some money that probably doesn't work. Peace out

posted June 3
A MyVitiligoTeam Member

I am glad you asked that question and there are some of us with similar experience. I got covid and flu vaccine together and in 10 days I got vitiligo on my thumb. It spread over for 3 weeks and now seems a bit quiescent since I started Protopic. I strongly suspect the vaccines activity cytotoxic T cells which are killing my melanocytes. I asked a vitiligo expert but he said he hasn't seen any increase in vitiligo cases since covid. Now it will be very difficult to prove a link between the two, but the more we report these cases, the more chances of some doctor/scientist noticing this and gets curious.

posted January 31
A MyVitiligoTeam Member

Mine flared up all over my body since my vacation I will not be having any more .

posted June 21
A MyVitiligoTeam Member

Same here... Patches spreading and new appearing.. since COVID vaccination

posted June 20
A MyVitiligoTeam Member

I have never had any spots on my skin until after the 2 shots. Within a few weeks I noticed the vitiligo spots on my face! I went to the dermatologist immediately and was told that even though vitiligo was dormant under my skin the shots effective my immune system and caused the spots to show up! I was devastated, yes vitiligo runs in my immediate family. I wasn't aware I had. It until after the shots were taken. Now it's spreading everywhere, all over my body.. I can't control it right now!

posted June 7
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