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Gloves Safe To Use For Someone With Vitiligo
A MyVitiligoTeam Member asked a question 💭

I'm Daniel and have just joined here. I got diagnosed with generalized Vitiligo. I have it on my hands, too.
I'll have to wear sterile gloves at work (medical sector).
I've read about potentially harmful ingredients in Latex gloves (phenols) that can aggravate Vitiligo on the hands.
Apparently molecules containing an aromatic ring or Sulhydryl groups are potentially dangerous.

I'm starting to believe that sterile Nitrile gloves are… read more

posted April 23, 2022
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A MyVitiligoTeam Member

I'm really interested in hearing answers to this?? As I am currently trying to find rubber gloves for washing up that are V safe.. And I'm struggling!

posted November 22, 2022 (edited)

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