I Started Using Opzelura. Curious If Anyone Else Is Using It? How Long Have You Used It And Have You Seen Any Results? | MyVitiligoTeam

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I Started Using Opzelura. Curious If Anyone Else Is Using It? How Long Have You Used It And Have You Seen Any Results?
A MyVitiligoTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have been using it for two months now. I apply it two times a day. I also do light treatments for some areas. I was hoping others could share their expereinces.

posted November 19, 2023
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A MyVitiligoTeam Member

Opzelura, for me, works to slow the spread of patches, but I have only seen results with repigmentation on my face neck head and armpits and it is slooooooow. Face sees a little repigmentation after 6 months or so. It really did very little for my hands or legs, in fact the hands saw growth of white patches. It works well on my eyebrows and my scalp: repigmentation within 2 days.
I have a hunch there is better absorption in certain areas, or...perhaps the ability to repigment is stronger in some areas. I take bergamont citrus to help melanin synthesis.
I use a and d ointment in some areas overnight and it really soothes the skin.

posted February 11
A MyVitiligoTeam Member

Absolutely , I’ve been on Opzalura& light therapy 3 times /week. I can only tolerate Opzalura once a day as I am sensitive. Before Opzalura was available I was already taking the oral form, Xeljanz XR 11 mg 3 times per week,Been using Opzalura when it first became available . When administered together the results are excellent!! I have 85-90 percent repigmentation. Most successful on hands, arms, face,under arms,legs are very difficult to repigment,, when I only use Opzalura, like on vacation, the vitiligo itches& spreads! Stress triggers it to spread, as does eating pro inflammatory foods. !!!

posted November 27, 2023
A MyVitiligoTeam Member

Also, what Opzalura actually does is prevent the melanocytes from attacking themselves, causing us to lose the pigment in that skin area. It is always possible for new white patches to irrupt for different reasons, but it is not necessarily because the medication does not work. When I use the Opzalura every day twice a day, my legs repigmented 97%. I could not tolerate using it every day twice a day so I now use it three times a week in conjunction with UVB light therapy, that works relatively well to keep my situation stable as long as I maintain an anti-inflammatory gluten-free dairy, free way of life! The other name for Opzalura when you take it orally Xeljanz XR it comes in two dosages, 11 mg and 22 mg and it is extremely strong that is the reason Dr. Harris at UMS who is the who is the chief of the Vitiligo clinic decided to restart and manufacture a topical cream that would do the same thing, but was not a strong. I need both and I just take less of both. There are a large amount of side effects with the oral form! When you put it topically, the body does not absorb as much so it’s less toxic.

posted March 26
A MyVitiligoTeam Member

I didn't know there is an oral form. Good to know! I stopped using all treatments but will sporadically use Opzelura on my face where I have noticed new spots. I have a home light so I am thinking I might start using that again.

posted January 26
A MyVitiligoTeam Member

I am using daily. 2x a day. It has helped the eyebrows a lot since this post, but my cheeks continue to see depigmentation in areas of application. What light do you use?

posted April 6

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