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Could Minerals From A New Well Be A Possible Cause Of This Condition ?

Could Minerals From A New Well Be A Possible Cause Of This Condition ?

South Carolina falls in the southeastern part of the United States and has massive deposits of granite, especially Blue Granite. Gemstones such as amethyst, garnet, beryl, quartz, “cats eye” and minerals such as zircon, sillimanite, and kyanite are also found in the state in various counties

A MyVitiligoTeam Member said:

This may or may not be helpful, but our dog got vitiligo (started as small freckle spots on his shoulder and progressed to a completely white - formerly brown - dog!) and it turned out to be a copper deficiency. That came to mind when I saw your question. I have ZERO idea if it would be the same for humans and DON'T want anyone ingesting copper based on my comment and
without medical guidance, but that was his "cure."

posted 5 months ago
A MyVitiligoTeam Member said:

I think this is how I got mine

posted 10 months ago
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