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Does Anyone Here With Vitiligo Also Have SLE?

Does Anyone Here With Vitiligo Also Have SLE?

I stopped taking low dose steroid topical treatment last year and then had a completely unrelated surgery which helped me become pain free for that issue and stop taking ibuprofen- as a result my hands and feet hurt so bad and it has been suggested that I have SLE which has been masked because I had taken other meds for other things. Apparently it’s quite common to have 2 AI issues and not realize it?! I also am anemic, have fatigue and now an ulcer in my mouth- so it all makes sense. I have… read more

A MyVitiligoTeam Member said:

I am not sure what SLE is.

posted 6 days ago
A MyVitiligoTeam Member said:

My name is Mary. And I’m 46 of my age.
I’m vitiligo patient for 4 years now. And also I’m husimoto hypothyroid patient too.
I got so many vitamins and supplements and ointments what the doctors described, but nothing help for me🥺
My body 75% covering with white patches. Can anyone suggest any treatment or injections can make my full body white. Please kindly answer 🙏🏼

posted about 1 year ago
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